Are artisan goods handmade?

Handmade products are often unique and handmade with a personal touch or cultural meaning, and are of high quality with great attention to detail and materials. Artisans are highly respected for their craft and receive a fair and decent wage for their work.

Handmade items

are objects that can be created with artisanal equipment. They can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days (game time) to process.

Most handmade products do not have a star quality, so the star quality of the ingredients used is ignored. The only exception is the ostrich egg, whose star quality as an artisanal product will match that of the ingredient. The material components of handmade artisanal products have also been largely replaced by the mass market by cheaper alternatives that allow mass producers to reduce their overheads, allowing them to be more competitive in the market (in other words, selling at a lower price). A side effect of this (besides the fact that they may not work as well or give us as much pleasure as handmade products) is that mass-produced objects don't last as long as handmade products and the mass market has taken advantage of it by actually incorporating it into their production strategy.

And last but not least, when you buy handmade and handmade products you are being a responsible consumer. But as I said, this isn't a publication dedicated to fast fashion, it's a publication dedicated to the economic, social and environmental benefits of buying handmade and handmade products. When you choose to buy from an artisan, you are choosing a product that has all the benefits mentioned above; you become a more informed consumer of everything involved in planning, producing and selling a product and the great work that artisans, artists and designers do. However, it may not be a simple matter of common sense with respect to physical quality that makes us prefer the work of artisans to that of mass producers.

If you choose the profession of craftsman after reaching level 10 of Agriculture, handmade items will be worth 40% more (with the exception of oil and coffee). The limited nature of handmade products, on the other hand, is nothing more than an indicator that the handmade object contains all the elements we need and want from the things in life: usability (it makes life easier for us), the quality of construction (longevity) and aesthetic beauty (which inspires our artistic appreciation). I am lucky enough to meet many artisans and designers who are dedicated to creating very cool products and telling wonderful stories. Many (in fact, most) of the trades mentioned above were automated more than the century following the industrial revolution, meaning that many artisans and artisans were forced to leave their jobs (or to work for mass producers) and, in many cases, the qualities of those products were affected, in many cases, as a result.

Wearing (and giving away) handmade and handmade products will ultimately make you fashionable and stand out with your 100% original and 100% handmade style. However, in this era of fast fashion, in which quality is often sacrificed in favor of low price and ease of purchase, many people are now crying out for the care, experience and beautiful results of handmade products.

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