What is artisanal production?

Artisanal manufacturers avoid these difficulties by optimizing not around volume production, but around customer satisfaction. Artisanal manufacturing, like its design counterpart, is more agile and faster than traditional manufacturing. New artisanal manufacturing companies take advantage of changing consumer dynamics and the development of technologies to create value in the market, achieve long-term sustainability and develop the capacity to grow together on a scale significant enough to become a significant source of production jobs in the 21st century. Handmade manufacturing prioritizes obsessive dedication to offering a product that exceeds consumer expectations.

Artisanal manufacturers pay obsessive attention to what's best for their customers, instead of cutting costs to increase profit margins. Artisanal manufacturing doesn't have to be limited to small-batch producers; it's an approach with the potential to reach the masses through carefully executed expansion. Unlike conventional and mass-produced products, artisanal products represent unique and affordable luxuries made with mastery. Artisanal manufacturers can scale within their possibilities by growing according to demand and prioritizing quality.

Traditionally, artisans, when it came to food, were highly qualified merchants who specialized in the production of a particular food product, such as beer, cheese or cured meat. However, understanding the points listed above can help us decide how artisanal a product really is and what aspects of craftsmanship we value most. Today, a new type of artisanal manufacturer is about to gain an important place in the market, offering broader access to a level of quality that traditional, large scale companies cannot achieve. I am more than happy with that because I love creating handmade products for people who value the beautiful, slow and intentional process that it is.

Artisanal manufacturing companies have the capacity to create value for customers by offering more of what they want and less of what they don't. By creating healthy communities of skilled workers, artisanal manufacturers, in turn, create healthy communities of consumers who believe in the products they make. A common characteristic among artisanal companies is that they offer more than just a product or a retail environment.

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